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This week at school I covered a plethora of subjects, from Geography to Maths, Music, English, Art, Science and three PSHCE lessons discussing euthanasia, transgender children, and depression. With varying levels of knowledge because, believe it or not, I was lying about the ‘veritable genius’ bit).
I sent one student out this week for persistent rudeness in class, but otherwise gave no detentions and dished out lots of merits, some where they were due and some just because I was feeling generous and the kids hadn’t actually maimed me in any outwardly obvious way. I sang, without warning, ‘Silence is Golden’ during a rare moment of tranquillity and, in another class, when I asked for a little decorum, was asked what decorum was, my answer being, ‘well, it’s not this’.
I also had the small matter of a student dislocating her shoulder in PE this afternoon. Oh, the things they’ll do to get out of a bit of exercise! At other times, I put up display material (a brief but welcome holiday for my brain), I mentored students (one of my favourite bits), answered and sent emails about the dullest of things, and had a good old impromptu chat with a young student who has the same type of epilepsy as me and we compared notes on our seizures instead of getting on with the maths they were supposed to be doing. And that was, in a weird way, much more fun.
Oh and I might have sworn a little bit in the staffroom today too because, after all, it was ‘f*ck it Friday’.
All this for £8.40ish an hour, but I don’t care about the money because I really do love my job. If you ever fancy being a pretendy teacher, doing a job that can be really hard work, predictable in timings but unpredictable in content, drives you potty, stretches every fibre of your patience and requires you thinking not just on your feet but standing on your head while reading from a cover sheet, where you sometimes feel undervalued but also elated when you know you’ve done a great job, and best of all, where you can leave at 3pm and forget about it until the next day, then being a Study Supervisor might be just the ticket.
It’s the ticket for me. And, of course, it stops the rock & roll goddess bit going to my head.
And now, on a rainy Friday evening, a personal one-to-one PSHCE lesson in drinking wine moderately. Oops, that’ll be a detention then. Must try harder. Or less hard? Hmm. Depends on perspective, I suppose.