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Little Star on the Toob…

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Little Star on the Toob…

All right chicks & chumps?

I’m aware that I’ve been somewhat taciturn of late and I realise I simply must get my good ol’ chit-chatty writing head and hands back on. I will, I promise. And then you’ll be sorry. Whahahahahaha.

In the meantime, here’s the link to the You Tube version of  ‘Little Star’, in case you want to hear it whilst looking at aesthetically-attractive images I might have nicked a little bit. Thank you to those people who made the images, I am forever in your debt, and sorry for not asking properly if I could use them. Or at all, for that matter.

As I’ve explained before, sales of the single will contribute to my brother’s amazing charity, Think Twice (, which is doing some amazingly special things for poverty-stricken children who deserve a break and, more importantly, who appreciate it hugely when that break is given. 

So, although you may gaze in wonderment at this fantastic foray into the phenomenon otherwise known as the Toob, I’d really rather prefer it if you bought the bloody thing off iTunes or somewhere like that. Please.

Furthermore (SCREAM!), a new single is coming out soon. Actually, it’s an old song, but re-recorded, and the video is being worked on right now, so watch this space (eurgh, I hate that expression. Why would you watch a space? Why not wait until something is filling up that space and only then take the time to look at it? It would free up a lot of extra time to do other things, like trimming your toenails, buying a new houseplant or maybe cleaning the fridge). Anyway, you get my drift. I hope so anyway, otherwise my drift will simply, well, have drifted away and then you won’t have got it and then all this will have been for nothing.

Jesus, I’ve even bored myself into forgetting what I was talking about… Erm… Oh, the new single. Yes.  It’s coming soon.

This time, all proceeds will go to me, but I will be no less pushy and pugnacious in my attempts to get you bunch of profligates to listen, laud and share with your friends.

Crikey, doing my own PR is turning me into a bulldog. But I kind of like it.