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Little Star

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

My brother told me to post this, in the absence of any other bloggy stuff recently. Apologies for that. It’s just that my brain hasn’t felt much like blogging of late. It’s been a weird few months, but the sun’s coming out again from a bit of a dodgy cloud that was drifting lazily about in my sky. So, there will be more soon, I promise, and I will endeavour to make it witty, wacky and wonderful.

But, for now, let me just announce that my single, Little Star, is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all those lovely online music stores. Hoorah!

I wrote the song in memory of my nephew, Theo, who left us at just 5 weeks old, but whose memory lingers on in the loveliest possible way. Half of any proceeds from the single (here’s hoping) will go to Think Twice, the charity set up by my brother (not the bossy one who told me to post this, but the other, slightly less bossy one, Benedict) and his friend Ross. At present, the charity is focusing its efforts on impoverished children in Guatemala. So far it has enabled one boy, Mario, to go to school for a year, something that kids here take for granted but an opportunity that Mario cherishes. Well done Think Twice. It’s one small but significant step in a venture that I hope will bear much fruit in the coming months and years. Not real fruit, obviously. The world has lots of fruit. But plenty more good things to come.

So, that’s it really, the single is out there and your support would be so appreciated. I’ve spent today bombarding papers, local TV and radio stations with press releases, pics, mpegs, phone calls and general self-promotional ‘bumph’, I think the technical term is, to kick things off. It’s very weird, doing your own PR, but the knowledge that it will hopefully contribute a little to Think Twice makes it feel a little less, erm, tossy.

Buy the single. Please.