Blogging & Nothingness

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, now I’m faced with a dilemma. OK, it’s not a dilemma. That’s being excessively-dramatic. It’s just a blog, for God’s sake. And blog’s not even a proper word. Well, it wasn’t in my day (grumble grumble).  A decision, let’s say.

After my first foray into the universe (of which I’m still not entirely sure what the point is) of blogging, a very special and cherished few have asked, ‘when’s the next one going to happen? That tricky second blog?’

‘Not until I’m feeling all fired-up and inspired about something,’ is my immediate response. I can’t just write spontaneously unless I’m given a brief or unless something strikes me as being worth a word or two. And even then, the things I really think are worth a word or two I know others have covered, or will cover, with more gusto, with more research and with far greater literary aplomb.

Plus, I have the distinct tendency to form opinions that vacillate wildly, wavering from one side of the argument to the other and anywhere in between. Plasticine Head. Play Doh Mind. Morph Girl.  Resolutely irresolute, you might say. Like a warhorse that chomps hungrily on the pre-attack oats offered by his devoted master, but then spies the dark and glistening sugarbeet on the other side and trots happily across the border to the opposing cavalry. (Would that actually happen? No. Again, just for effect. Sorry, horse.)

It’s incredibly annoying, but the minute I get a strong opinion on a topic, I’ll read something written from a different point of view and I’ll agree with that too. It’s a Libran thing and it really irritates me. But then again, it doesn’t, it shows balance and harmony (see? I can’t even decide whether my astrological traits are good or bad).

But at the same time, I don’t want to lose momentum by not writing anything. Part of the point of doing this was to get my creative juices flowing again. I hate that term though, ‘creative juices’. How about ‘creative smoothies’; like a juice but with a little more fibre? No, too much pressure to provide the fibre part. Not feeling particularly fibrous today. Or ‘creative codswallop’? Less pressure, that one, I like it.

And what I don’t want to do is to start ranting every week about petrol prices and strikes, the challenges of being a step mum to a 12 year old who hates everything about you, or why on earth that burlesque dancer was allowed to show quite so much of herself on Britain’s Got Talent? It cheered up aforementioned 12 year old and his mate though, so that’s a plus point. She gets my vote. And theirs, evidently.

Either way, I’ve started this blog not knowing what it’s going to be about. A dangerous beginning.  I could lose readers right now. All five of them. Or perhaps I could write ‘KNOCKERS!’ and keep your attention while I think about things… Erm…

Or maybe (*flutters eyelashes coyly*), on just this occasion, I could be permitted one quick ramble about nothing much, a vague literary interlude, only to keep my ‘writey head’ above water in this frantic sea of bloggers, to keep my little neurons flying about my brain in a positive way, like those learner drivers speeding happily away from that New Drivers’ Motivational Positive Thinking course in Milton Keynes last week. There wasn’t one. I made that up. Sorry.

Yes, THAT’s what it shall be about. ‘Nothing’. I love it! It’s original. Open to interpretation to those who yearn for something deeper, and yet absolutely nothing whatsoever to those, who like me, have perhaps watched rubbish telly this evening, with an 18 month old fast asleep and two 12 year olds obsessed with bums and boobs and paying a little too much attention to that burlesque lady. People who, in their tiny little piece of ‘me time’ would like to read something they could loosely claim was creative narrative, but which needs absolutely no brainpower whatsoever to ingest.

By George, I think I’m onto something here…

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